Asian Artisan Food LTd.

"Not since I left Hong Kong have I had such amazing Chinese food. It was like being back at home with my Por Por (grandma), cooking me dinner."

- Yong Wang

Vincent Zhang
 CEO / Executive Chef


Stephen Molloy

Vincent Zhang brings a taste of the east with the freshest of the west to Dublin's streets, eateries and dinner tables. With the passion and care that goes into each dumpling you are sure to experience the wonders of the east in every bite. We start with only the freshest local ingredients to combine delicious melodies of tastes that are sure to delight the senses.

"I discovered Asian Artisan Food one afternoon on my way home from classes. And oh, what a great find! The food is delicious and the taste is just sublime. I recommend you try the pork and celery dumplings. Just thinking of them makes my mouth water."

- Thomas O Sullivan

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